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  • VR Headsets

  • VR related hardware

  • Vouchers / Discount Codes

  • VR Game keys

  • Clothing (AKA Swag)

  • Other cool VR related things


  • The SideQuest Giveaways team work Mon-Thurs each week. They will respond to you during these times. You may receive emails or messages from Kelley, Danielle, Tetiana, Kevin, Bob or Orla. Please do not be rude to team members who are helping you claim your prize. Issues can happen, we ask for patience and respect.

  • Headset/ Clothing/VR Product giveaways are limited to one win per person. This means you can win one of each item but not duplicates of the same item. This is in the interests of fairness.

  • It is against the rules to set up multiple accounts to enter giveaways more than once. We have measures in place to identify users abusing the system in this way. If we identify this behaviour we will delete all associated accounts which will invalidate any entries. Please play fair!

  • There is no limit on the number of game key prizes you can win so enter them all! Game keys will be automatically issued to winners. Please ensure you enter the game key in the correct place:

  • From time to time, there may be issues with redeeming game keys. In each instance we will gather the info and investigate to find a resolution. Don’t panic, be patient and we will ensure it is resolved.

  • Prizes that require shipping information must be claimed by a person over 18 years old. The reason for this rule is to ensure that we are not collecting any data from minors. If you are underage, a parent/guardian can claim on your behalf. They must reach out to us directly via

  • In order to verify you are over 18 years old, we will ask for identification. You can blank out most info on any ID. We simply need to see name and age info for verification purposes. We do not store this info, we only use it for the purposes of sending your prize.

  • There can be issues shipping to some locations, in this instance we will reach out to you to advise of the issue and try to find a resolution.

  • We cover the full cost of the prizes and the shipping costs. Some items may be subject to additional customs charges. This is a type of tax charged on products that are shipped across international borders and is controlled by each country's customs authorities. When you accept delivery of the prize you may be asked to pay these charges by your customs authority. We have no control over how/ where/why these are issued and the responsibility for the payment is with the prize winner. If you do not accept delivery then the items will be returned and cannot be re-sent.

  • Prizes cannot be exchanged for alternatives. Do not enter giveaways for prizes you don’t want to win. We understand if you don't want to claim the prize you have won, just let us know and we can offer it to someone else.


Thank you for visiting SideQuest Giveaways. We are excited to be able to giveaway lots of cool things to the community, whilst also reimbursing our partners.