Means something on your network is blocking the file from downloading

-If you are using a special network setup, VPN or firewall or you have also connected your phone or other device to your computer - it can interfere with Sidequest set-up/install.

-Corporate/ public networks will likely have restrictions preventing Sidequest from working.

You need to make changes to your network- turn off any VPNS, Firewalls, Antivirus.



If you have tried all of this and still have issues then is it is difficult for us to trouble shoot. Afew other things that have worked before for othr users:


Is it happening will all downloads or just one in particular? If its just one then if could be the download location of that file that is being rejected and other apps may work.


Try different cable/ usb ports

Try over SQ wifi to see if you can eliminate your cable/ usb ports as an issue

How do I enable Sidequest Wifi:


Check your browser does not have any virus controls set to scan downloaded files.


Have you tried to use the Sidequest App on Playstore on your Samsung phone instead?
Sidequest Mobile App