SideQuest Promotion

Welcome Developer!

If you are about to launch or have already published an app on SideQuest then here are a few ways we can try to help you with promotion. 

At SideQuest, we aim to support indie developers as much as we can, there will always be more we can do and as we continue to grow and expand our team we hope to explore more ways to support you. 

We love to hear feedback and ideas so join our Developer Discord and talk to us. We are Developers too!

In the meantime, here are some things we can do to help you.

  1. Join the Community Discord server 

  2. Join the Developer Discord server

  3. Tag @sidequestvr across all social channels. Include a link to your SideQuest listing and we will re-tweet, include #oculusquest2 #virtualreality as bots also retweet.

  4. Become an approved developer to claim $100 promotion credit. (See steps below)

  5. Approved devs benefit from promotion credit match offers which we run from time to time.

  6. Game key exchange for $ price of app in promotion credit.

  7. Game keys are used for giveaways & special competitions where we promote your game across our social channels. Note that giveaways are at our discretion and we are unable to commit to times/dates for these.

  8. Promotion of your giveaways on our server. Every once in a while we can share a giveaway that you run. Set up the giveaway in your Discord Server using a Giveaway Bot, and DM @kelleymcdonald the link to the competition post with an unlimited Discord invite for your server. Note that you should have giveaways last at least 48 hours as it may take us time to pick up your request and share it before the time runs out.

  9. Promote your game in all of our channels - include a link to your SQ listing for a re-tweet!

    1. r/sidequest 

    2. Facebook Community & Facebook Page

    3. Instagram

    4. Linkedin

    5. Twitter 

    6. SideQuest Community Discord - ask for the ‘Cross Promoter’ role to post in #news-and-updates. You must be an Approved Developer in the Developer Discord to get this role.

  10. Free banners, Staff Pick & Social posts - these are selected by SQ staff and cannot be requested- post in our channels and tag us to promote your updates and you might get picked! Also, ensure your listing images are good enough for selection. More info about the size and location of banner and infill images, along with downable templates are available in the Listing Guide.

  11.  Major launches on the main Oculus Store (or another major platform.) Get in touch with @orlaharris on the Dev Discord and we will make sure you are supported. 

Note that this is free support and we do have a lot of requests daily so please be patient. If something is time sensitive please make sure to give plenty of notice so we can schedule :) 

At this stage, we are not able to provide support to enterprise scenarios beyond allowing you to list your app. We recommend you join Oculus for Business, Pico or HTC to get dedicated support. 

Steps to become an Approved Dev

Keep an eye on the #announcements channel on the Dev Discord - from time to time we run credit match offers, credit giveaways and other opportunities. You can look through the history on that channel to see the type of things that come up.


We are stronger as a collective so we urge you to support other developers, influencers and the wider VR community by getting involved in the conversation in both the Developer and SideQuest communities and across all the social channels.