What is SafeSide and why can i not install my APK?

SafeSide is our crowd sourced Anti-Piracy/Virus defence system. You can help by submitting content you feel is not legitimate here - https://the-expanse.github.io/SafeSide/

What is "SafeSide" and what can i do about this "Harmful content" error

SafeSide is a verification system that checks all content that is installed via SideQuest using manual methods like selecting APK files from your PC or using our drag and drop feature. It is designed to prevent malicious content from getting onto your headset and protect you from violating the Oculus Terms of Service by installing pirated content. When you receive this error it means that you cannot continue with the isntall using the SideQuest software and you will have to use an alternate method. We realise at SideQuest we cannot defeat piracy and this is not intended to do that, it is intended to undo some of the damage caused by people using SideQuest to promote piracy.

My application is self-made or free and legitimate, what do I do to fix it?

If you believe you have have received this pop-up in error and are not attempting to install pirated or illegal content then there are steps you can take, If you have bought a game from Itch.IO make sure you install it using the SideQuest launcher not in a browser. Please report an issue to us at https://sdq.st/support including a link to the file so we can remove it from the blacklist.