How do I Enable wireless mode?

Please note that Sidequest Wifi is for installing apps from Sidequest to your headset over wifi. It is NOT related to playing PCVR games using a wireless solution like Virtual Desktop. For Virtual Desktop help see here instead:

SideQuest supports wireless ADB for installing apps over wifi - this is easy to setup but you must follow certain steps.


  • You must first connect your Quest via the USB2 cable to Sidequest before you can enable wireless mode - you will need to do this every time your headset reboots.

  • Connect to Sidequest and ensure you have a green dot and are ‘connected’ If not connected see here: Device Not Connected

  • Make sure your device and your computer are on the same wifi network.

  • The select the wifi icon along the top row and ‘Connect’

  • After you enable wireless mode SideQuest will show two connected devices - disconnect the USB cable to show only one.

  • You can reconnect to wifi if you restart SideQuest as long as you haven’t restarted your headset.