How do I Install apps from inside the headset?

To use this feature you must first create a SideQuest account at after that you can remotely install or update applications to your Quest headset so long as it is connected to a valid SideQuest version on a computer. Your headset must be connected to SideQuest either with Wireless mode or directly with a USB cable to the computer and the deaktop app must be logged into your account to receive the remote install request to start install.

  • Sign in to the desktop app

  • Sign into the SideQuest website in the browser in your headset ( or phone )

  • (Optional) enable wifi mode between SideQuest and your quest

After meeting those requirements everything you click install latest on from will start installation directly to your headset by sending the command to do so through your account right to your logged in account on your SideQuest desktop app.

To be clear, users who want to use this feature still need to have their headset connected to a computer somehow as always. SideQuest still must state it is connected to a headset, the only difference is a valid SideQuest user account must be created and logged into on the PC launcher the headset is connected with. Otherwise, the headset is connected to SideQuest as usual but after that is done you can initiate a game's installation any other device at any distance on our website by logging into your SideQuest account and using our website like it was the launcher page.