Sign in issues / Login / Email not working

Login Incorrect

If you receive a notice that your login is not correct. There are a few possible causes.

Very common issues

  1. Incorrect email/password format - the format needs to be exact

Ensure there are no capital letters or spaces added to the beginning or end of your email address. Some devices can add these automatically, it may not be obvious so retype the email.


2. Using copy/paste / autofill - this can cause problems which may change the format of the email.

It is recommend your clear the box and retype the email to match exactly.


3. You must be 13+ years to create an account.


To check if the email is correct - use the Forgot Password function - if you receive an email then the format is correct, if you receive Error: Login Incorrect then then re-check the formatting.


4. Your account does not exist

Sidequest can be used without an account, if your email is not working it is possible you have not actually signed up yet.

If you check the above issues and you still cannot sign in - SIGN UP INSTEAD- of the email exists you will receive an error message. If your email does not exist it will allow you to set up a new account


Other Sign up issues


I did not receive an email when I signed up

Common Issues

Check all your inboxes & junk mail. Providers like Google and Hotmail have second inboxes plus a junk mail folder.

Did you enter the correct email?

Rare Issues

Your provider may have blocked your email. Open a support ticket with the email and we will check on our system to see if the email has been rejected.


My email will not verify

If you have received the verification email and clicked the link. You may then need to SIGN OUT of the Sidequest DESKTOP APPLICATION and sign back in. (Verification will not complete if you only sign out of the website it must be the desktop application)


I set up two factor auth but I can’t get back in to my account.

Two factor auth is a security feature to protect you. If you have issues with it then you need to reach out to us. The best way to do this is on our Discord