SideQuest Developer ToolKit

SideQuest is a great place for developers interested in VR. We started out by providing invaluable discovery and community options for developers, but we have grown into the ultimate testing platform bringing developers and users together in meaningful ways during the early stages of development. We have a great developer community and large base of users eager to try the latest titles and help shape the future.

What we do Today

📦 Distribution

SideQuest is essential to so many developers as a distribution channel to be able to reach your audience. You can post an app listing and get it approved in just hours ( max 48 hours, usually 2 ). We have worked hard to make the approval process as simple as possible and take the pain out of publishing games & apps. We also have an early access system if you want to test the water first.

🧪 Beta Testing

Enable Private Listing Mode ( beta ) on your app listing to control access to your content. You can give out keys to users and revoke them later to get your app/game to the people that matter.

🎉 Promotion

We are eager to help support developers in any way we can. We offer free and paid promotion in the feature banner on our homepage and encourage developers to engage with our community on social media. Tag us on twitter, post to our subreddit and we have one of the largest VR related discords with over ~30K users to promote your content, run giveaways and just hang out! Make sure to ask for the developer roles on discord to get all the extra benefits.

Road Map - Where we are headed

💲 Rewards System

Building a rewards system to deliver rewards/payments to test users for testing games. Providing a gateway for users to benefit from providing quality testing and QA services for developers. Catering for rewards workflows including providing free game keys/DLC content and monetary benefits. We already have a huge user base at SideQuest eager to try early access content and help to improve with feedback & reviews. We can leverage SideQuest for recruitment and rewards in order to get the highest quality feedback from users with the least amount of effort.

🛠️ Developer Toolkit

Building out key performance and analytics capture with contextual data/event streams too. Capturing device usage stats and game/engine specific metrics as well as game-play video synced with motion tracking, annotation and user opinions/surveys. The toolkit will operate mostly in a separate app making integration a breeze with an in-app SDK available to provide more context and analytics.

📊 Dashboard Analytics

Setting up data influx endpoints with real time aggregation & individual drill down. Aggregating data based on timing, positional movement and game-play events. Providing actionable insights at a glance with fine grain control to be able to compare experiences across testing sessions, demographics or any other segment of users. Combined with user embodiment to get a full picture and truly understand your users behaviour.

🤵 User Embodiment

Developing VR tools to analyze the the individual experience inside VR. Replaying user interactions as if you were there beside them. Step into your users shoes in a VR analytics tool designed to provide a huge upgrade in value compared to traditional game-play video recordings. Leveraging VR to allow you to observe your users behaviour with a level of granularity like never before. Combined with more analytics, annotation and usage stats you can have a full understanding of how your users engage with your content - without having to work for it.


✨ Third Party Integrations

Support for industry tools for data analytics from game engines and hardware vendors. Working with industry leaders to integrate 3rd party solutions to provide the best practice developers are already familiar with.