How To Submit an App to SideQuest

Submitting your game or app to SideQuest is super easy! Sign up and be ready to submit your app within minutes. Apps are approved on the first submit but can be updated after that without approval. We have a great relationship with our community of developers so if you have any issues please reach out on Discord or on SideQuest.

You can sign up and create an account for SideQuest here. Once you are signed up you can create a listing by following the steps the the below screenshot.

Below is the app listing creation screen. There are several sections to complete for your app but the only required sections at the point is the App Name, Package Name and Summary. See below for a detailed explanation of each section.

1. App Banner Image

Select a banner image for the top of your app listing page. Note that this is image we will user for free feature requests so it must be of good quality/ Click the pencil icon and select an image from your PC. A good size for the image is 2048px X 370px. The image can be cropped on smaller screens so keep anything important within the middle 500px X 300px. See below for more info on free features.

2. App Icon Image

Select an icon image for your app - this image will be displayed in search results and on the app listing page if you don't have a video added to your listing - if you have a video it will be displayed instead. A good size for this image is 580px X 470px. Please keep anything important in the center of the image as the edges might be covered.

3. Name, Package Name, Summary and Description

Fill out your app name, summary and description. Your package name must be unique and should look something like this:


The app description supports a limited set of markdown options based on github markdown.

### H3 Title * Bullet list item 1 * Bullet list item 1 * Bullet list item 1 [Link Text](

4. Search Tags

Enter tags to help users find your app when searching. These tags also decide which app categories you appear in on the apps page. We may change these tags from time to time if there is a better fit for your app.

5. Version Code, Version Name

Enter the current version code ( integer ) and version name ( friendly name i.e 1.0.1 ) here. When you update your app you must increment your version code to trigger automatic updates for your app. You can do this manually on the listing or use an automated method such as github releases or by sending an http request to our webhook endpoint.

6. App Urls

In order for users to be able to access your app you must supply a direct download url for any APK or OBB files required. Please note that we cannot integrate with Google Drive. For APK files only, Dropbox will work if you change the end of the link to dl=1. If you have OBB files I recommend using Github, Itch or Glitch. If you want to use then you need to add this link under the “Donate Urls” section rather than “App Download Urls”.

You can add several url types to your listing including social links and links to your apps store listing on other stores. We encourage you to add as many links here as you can.

6.1 App Download Urls

You can use any direct link to link to your APK/OBB files. You can also use popular hosting providers like Drop Box if you alter the url slightly to make the file automatically download.

Drop Box:


7. Github Releases

SideQuest can integrate with Github releases to make deployment of your app easier and can also handle updates.

8. Private Listing

Enable Private Listing to be able to control who has access to your app. Generate Invite Keys which can be given out to SideQuest users for them to link to their account. You can click the share icon at the end of the link to copy the url to the app with the invite key included. You can also revoke keys later to remove access for a user.

Roadmap: We are looking at adding a hosting option for secure downloads of your app.

9. Early Access

Enable early access of your app to only allow a limited audience to see the app. Users will have to enable early access in their dashboard to be able to see your app.

10. New payment workflow

This option can provide a more streamlined payment flow for PAID apps on Warning: This will not work for apps that are free download only on itch, please verify your workflow can work before continuing.

Essentially this option will send your users to <YOUR_ITCH_URL>/purchase?popup=1 instead of just <YOUR_ITCH_URL> e.g. instead of just

11. Screenshots

Add several screenshots to your app listing. You can click a screenshot to remove it.

12. Device Compatibility & Comfort Level

Select which devices your application supports. SideQuest supports any android based devices.

Select the comfort level for your app.

13. App License & Seated option

Select which license option, Paid and Pre-Release - Paid will appear under the paid filter on the apps page

Select whether your app is a seated experience only.

14. App Video Url

Enter a youtube or vimeo url for your app ideally showing some gameplay footage.

Save your app

Click the “Create Listing” button at the top of the page to save your app listing.

Submit for Approval

After you save your listing you will be able to send it for approval. Once the app is approved you can publish right away or schedule it for publish at a certain time.

Request FREE Feature Banner

You can request your app be featured on the homepage for free. We cannot guarantee when your app will be featured due to a large volume of requests, you will receive an email to alert you that it has been schedules.

In order to be featured your app must have an app banner at the top of the listing. We will use the app banner image, the app name and app summary for the feature. We may not be able to reach out to let you know if there are problems with your feature so it is advised to have everything setup correctly if you want to get featured.

If you need to be featured on a specific day, to get one of the top feature slots or to be featured for up to 7 consecutive days then you will need our paid feature option.

Selecting a banner image

Select an image for your feature banner. A good size is 2048px X 500px. The banner image is cropped on smaller screens so make sure to put important stuff in the centre of the image.

Here are some examples of great banners we have had in the past.