Mac install issues

This page is work in progress. We will add to it if we find solutions that may help with Mac install.


Connecting with orange dot in top left corner of Sidequest Application

Connecting usually indicates it an ADB issue. It usually means your cable is working.

Sometimes it can be as simple as uninstalling and reinstalling Sidequest. Click the link and run an Uninstaller, select yes when asked to remove all files. Then try reinstall. Why can't I install SideQuest - it says Install Aborted ?

We have heard of isolated incidents where changes to your hosts file has prevented ADB from connecting. Open your hosts file, replace it with the contents of a default OSX host file, clear the DNS cache, delete the Sidequest folder, reboot computer, and Sidequest should hopefully connect.


If you don’t see ‘Connecting’ it could very likely be your cable or one of the other set up steps. Try a standard phone cable. Try a different USB ports on your computer. Remember that cables can stop working.


Go over the setup steps here: Device Not Connected