Device Not Connected

Is your device connected? Can you see a green dot in the top left corner of Sidequest and the word ‘connected’?

If not:

Plug in your device and check the set up steps below, until you have a green dot and are connected in Sidequest you will not be able to install anything.


IMPORTANT: Sidequest, Oculus and Steam are different programmes. Close all other software when setting up Sidequest


Set Up Steps

-Please ensure you have followed all the set up steps correctly and are using the latest version of Sidequest.

Issues in order of most common:

You need to be connected to the internet to download and install Sidequest. Ensure you have a stable connection.

If install fails, freezes or is very slow. Stop, uninstall and try again.

Sidequest is hosted on Github and from time to time there can be external delays affecting download speeds.


Ensure you are using a USB2 cable or USB2 port - (if you are using the cable that comes with Quest or a Link cable (USB3), they are known to be unreliable for larger file transfers)

Try a different USB port and/or USB2 cable. A standard cable that comes with a mobile phone will work.

Note that the cable that comes with your Quest may work for some installs but not all, which is why we recommend a different cable. Cables can also become faulty, or stop working.


Check you are Windows 10, Mac 10.12+or Linux operating system

Earlier versions of Windows will not work.

Chromebooks will not work


Ensure you have downloaded the driver, unzipped the folder, then right click the file and select install

If you can see an orange dot and the word ‘connecting’ then you have an issue with your drivers.

Doublecheck you have installed the drivers correctly.

You can try to uninstall and reinstall Sidequest and sometimes that can fix the issue.


Ensure to signup as an organisation with Oculus and turned on Developer mode in your Oculus App

If you cannot turn on developer mode, you need to verify your Developer account on Oculus. From 1st Feb 2021 all users new and existing must verify their developer account. More info here:


Authorize in headset in the top right corner: Put you headset on and authorise the USB debugging in the headset when prompted.

If you do not accept, there is nothing you can do to bring it back. A factory reset of your headset may make it work if you start setup over however we do not recommend this as you will lose your game progress.


The dot has turned orange and says ‘connecting’

‘Connecting’ usually means that Sidequest is not installed correctly. Uninstall Sidequest, select YES to remove all app data and then reinstall. Ensure you are not on a protected network first firewalls, antivirus etc can interfere.

If you are still stuck - you can try some suggestions here:


Ensure there are no other devices plugged into your computer.

Sidequest will register an Android mobile phone or Android tablet- always ensure Sidequest shows a green dot, connected and Oculus Quest.


If you are using a special network setup, VPN or firewall it will interfere with Sidequest set-up/install.

If you are on a corporate network at your place of work or coffee shop etc- it is very likely Sidequest will not work. We cannot provide support for this, you need to contact your IT department to discuss.


Chromebook is not supported.

Earlier versions of Windows are not Supported.