Unauthorized - Allow in headset

Does your Sidequest application say Unauthorised: Allow in Headset in the top left corner?

NO? If it does not say this, go over the set up steps again and try a different cable.

YES? If it does say this, here is more info:

There could be a few reasons why this is happening:

  1. You already clicked don’t allow - that cannot be undone.

  2. If you definitely didn't get a pop up then it could be an issue with the ADB drivers. I would recommend uninstalling Sidequest using the uninstaller in this link and when promoted remove all app data. Then reinstall. Why can't I install SideQuest - it says Install Aborted ?

  3. Also reinstall the drivers.

  4. Try the USB 2 cable and different ports on your computer, if you have another USB 2 also try that.