Email will not verify

If you have received the email and clicked the link- then you may also need to

Sign out of the Sidequest Desktop application and sign back in

This should clear the notice. 

(Note you MUST sign out of the app, signing out of the website will not work. Also closing and re-opening will not work. You MUST sign out and then sign back in)


A small percentage of users have reported that the email will not verify even after they complete these steps. We are working on a fix in a future update.

Verifying your email has no impact on how you use Sidequest, you can still do everything as normal.


I never received the email to verify

If you did not receive the email, check your junk mail.

If it is not there please send us the email you used to sign up and we will check for you.

Some email providers can block the email before it reaches you if you have increased spam filters or are on corporate networks.